Amanda Palmer’s Dirty Business: Creativity vs Virtuosity

Amanda Palmer

Creativity vs Virtuosity

In today’s modern age of the Internet and instantaneous media updates, it is possible for anybody to achieve their Andy Warhol dream of having 15 minutes of fame. This also means there is higher percentage of competition to vie for the general public’s attention. For musicians, this presents a new challenge. An artist does not have to be of virtuosic talent to conquer, captivate and hold an audience; a thriving performing artist must be able to compellingly portray their stagecraft, creativity and talents in the live arena to convert, engage and inspire a crowd. Amanda Palmer is an example of such a performing artist that has created a rapport with her admiring audience through her work with the Dresden Dolls and her own solo efforts. This essay will detail methods and techniques that Palmer initiates to charm and captivate crowds worldwide to argue that it is not a necessity to be of virtuosic skill to be engaging. The three engagement approaches of Amanda Palmer’s that are being analysed within this essay are her presentation in performance; her efforts to collaborate with fellow performance artists and the interactivity she shares with her appreciative audience.

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Fugazi’s Blueprint Suggestion More Than a Minor Threat

An Academic Analysis about Washington, DC’s Fugazi
by Robert Knaggs
Queensland University of Technology.


The music and accompanying culture of the 80s left alternative scenes at a confusing crosspoint. The self-depreciative ideals of ’77 punk started to intensify both musically and in their recreations while heavy metal turned to androgyny, misogyny and glamour; with their best efforts of remaining the epitome of masculinity; consequently becoming the preferred soundtrack to shopping malls and radio stations. The former displayed their own affiliations with unconscious homoeroticism and the latter became so accessible that the parents of the generation’s youth identified with the cock-rock show bands (denizcola7, 2011). This exertion of testosterone-fuelled aggression emasculated and alienated a generation into a standpoint; what’s the alternative?

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