Oslo, Norway.

Flying into Norway has probably has been the best part of my trip so far. Leaving behind the smog and drizzle of Heathrow Airport and descending into the sun soaked forestry of Oslo made me grin like an idiot. It’s shortlived. By the time I pass through customs, grab my bag and catch a scenic … Continue reading Oslo, Norway.

Public Theatre

Buses can hold a strange group of people that you’d probably never meet in any other circumstance, but you can somehow relate to each and every one. My bus from Leeds to London was one of those rides. Watching each passenger step aboard, you’re an audience of one watching the theatre of human conditions and … Continue reading Public Theatre

Edit Your Hometown.


Everything in airports is repeated twice. Unless, of course, you’re the Koori family being paged by Virgin Airways for their flight to Dubai, with each repetition becoming more stern and strained. Duty free stores are lined side by side with highly priced café chains, people slouching in between the two, staring deep into their wallets hoping the cheap bottle of spirits will drown out their stomach’s moans. You pack your backpack. You check your boarding pass. You check your bags. All twice. Upon being hustled through the early morning security lines and shoved through to the unavailable waiting lounges, I signal my last goodbyes to my family who are manically waving from the top deck of Brisbane International Airport. I message them my final exhausted sentiments with the last two cents of phone credit; “thank you for everything”. I almost send it again.

Continue reading “Edit Your Hometown.”