The Sinking Teeth, The Mercy Beat. Part 1.


Robert Forster of the Go Betweens fame, published his first book, The Ten Rules of Rock and Roll in 2009. His ten rules present the annoyances and nuances of musicians and fans alike, describing the great expectations and the worst clichés from his experiences. Yet, when he scribed “The three piece band is the purest form of rock and expression” as his tenth and final rule, he hadn’t heard a single note from The Sinking Teeth.

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Thank You For The Venom

Thank You For The Venom
My Chemical Romance
Rob Knaggs

It was the summer holidays that bridged the transition from primary school to high school. I was a jock, over achieving pre-teen who played an unhealthy amount of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2* matched only by an interest in music. 2004’s top 40 was encrusted by the synthetic slick of urban, hip hop and R’n’B; Usher’s Yeah, OutKast’s Hey Ya and Obie Trice’s Got Some Teeth soundtracking school discos across Australia causing some regrettable musical tastes with regards to peer pressure. Continue reading “Thank You For The Venom”

Double Take.


A one shot or a one-take music video is defined by the continuous action on set framed and captured by a single video camera, free of cuts or edits from other takes. By creating a music video within a single take, it can either be so simplistic to the point of imitation by anybody in possession of a lens, or so creatively complicated it carries a charming mystique that leaves viewers in awe or denial.  Continue reading “Double Take.”

So, You’ve Been Accepted as a Music Undergraduate.

Coming to the end of my Bachelor of Music degree at Queensland University of Technology, I’ve been thinking about what I could offer to the future students that are about to encounter their three-year stint. This should be applicable for anyone suffering studying a Creative Industries/Arts degree, even those that have graduated can look at this and exclaim “YEAH, I DID THAT!”.

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